“Curated Vintage – Carefully Collected”

Handover Copenhagen

Capsule Collections

All the handpicked garments are sourced with the intention that they will fit into our future Capsule Collections. Each Capsule Collection is made with the following overall cues: a balance between statement and key pieces, colour coordination, seasonal relevance and last, but not least, the style direction. We aim to make vintage shopping inspirational and easy, leaving you with the fun part, cherry-picking between the best!

We handpick everything

We know where to source the cherries! We’re invested in sourcing the best vintage nationally, – and internationally. We’re looking for garments with quality and durability, preferably in wool, silk, leather etc. We still occasionally come by garments made from synthetic fibres. If they are in pristine shape, with a point of difference as striking colours, cool patterns or attention to detail, we choose to include these in our selection as we believe in extending the life of already existing clothing. We keep getting a kick out of seeing garments that have already lasted for decades and pass them on to new homes for more adventures! 

The Sourcing Process

1. Collect

We handpick all garments. This process demands a considerable part of our time, but we value and prioritize this process to ensure a selection of high quality. We look for garments with the potential for a long circular lifespan and trend value that align with Handover’s style and DNA.

2. Clean & Care

All garments are cleaned and checked for flaws or defects. If possible, we repair the garment in our hands. With more difficult faults, we donate the garments to mending profiles or charities.

3. Curate

We aim to make vintage shopping easy and inspiring. Therefore, we curate the selected garments in smaller Capsule Collections. This means collecting pieces where style, colour and season fit together – almost like a custom wardrobe. Meanwhile, all items off-season are safely stored until the following season change. This way, you can be sure to be offered only current garments, while the off-season pieces never go to waste! 


With a background in photo styling and art direction, Andrea spent years quietly unfolding Handover, fuelled by a love for collecting vintage and second-hand gems. Acknowledging the high price for cheap fast fashion clothes opens up new doors for great exploration and an alternative way of creating wardrobes within existing garments.

Embodies the core value in Handover Copenhagen


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