Eger – Oslo

Øvre Slottsgate 23B, 0157 Oslo, Norway


Eger – Oslo

Eftir, a vintage store, has opened a shop at Eger on Karl Johan, collaborating with seven vintage partners: Handover Copenhagen, Evig Vintage, Pas Passé, Prisløs, Bastante Textiles, Vintage Lover, and Meija. They aim to compete with high-street chains by offering thoughtfully curated secondhand clothing. The store boasts an aesthetically pleasing layout with colour-coordinated racks and attentive staff presentation.

While extending the lifespan of clothing, Eftir remains conscious of the origins of their products and deliberately avoids fast fashion items known for questionable production practices.

Eftir envisions future growth, focusing on physical stores over online retail for used items. The Eger location will operate for six months.